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Personal Development CDs
Kim Moore-Cullen
Change Thru Hypnotherapy
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You can purchase CDs and Books to help you in your Personal development. This page will be regularly updated with new items so remember to visit again soon.

Relaxation & Self Hypnosis
Duration 23 minutes
Description: Commencing with a progressive relaxation and then continuing with a hypnotic induction full of positive suggestions aimed overcoming limiting self beliefs and improving your confidence. This CD is also great to listen to if you want to destress and relax.
Price £8 including p&p

To contact Kim please call on 07767 808711 or send an email
Mindfulness and Breathwork Meditation
Single CD
Description: Teach yourself how to use mindfulness and breathwork in your daily life to achieve more calmness and wellness.
Price £8 including p&p

A Season for the Soul
Duration 60 minutes
Description: A Season for the Soul music for relaxation prior to meditation. Suitable for self healing therapies.
Price £12.25 including p&p