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Kim Moore-Cullen
Change Thru Hypnotherapy
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Hypnotherapy & NLP
What is hypnosis?

The experience of hypnosis is rather like a deep state of relaxation. The conscious mind can interfere less in this altered state and the unconscious mind (the inner self) can be given beneficial suggestions to help achieve a goal. Many issues stem from unconscious behavioural patterns. Hypnosis helps us to utilise the creative potential of our own mind.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy includes the use of suggestions, techniques and hypnotic phenomena for the treatment and relief of a variety of emotional, psychological or physiological symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is natural and safe with no harmful side effects. It's use dates back to the sleep temples of Egypt and was used by both the Greeks and the Romans.

The British Medical Association endorse the practice of hypnosis.

Whilst working towards your goals you will be taught some techniques to empower you towards change, tools for you to create the life you want.

What are the benefits?

Relaxation, self help, symtomatic relief and change.

Helpful for?

Common behavioural issues: habits such as nail biting, OCD, anger management, insomnia, sporting or performance anxiety
Cognitive issues: unwanted negative thoughts, phobias and stress management
Emotional issues: anxiety, trauma work, reactive depression, trust issues, confidence & self esteem
Physical: weight loss, symptomatic and pain relief for certain ailments

How long does it take?

The first session takes 1.5 hours. Subsequent sessions take 1 hour. The exact number of sessions depends upon the goal for the therapy usually between 3-6 sessions.

For example:
Smoking cessation: 1 double session
Weight loss: 3 sessions followed by one a month later

To contact Kim please call on 07767 808711 or send an email
Neuro Linguistic Programming
What is NLP?

Each one of us creates our own view of the world, our own internal map, based on our experiences. It is through this map that we perceive and understand the world around us.

NLP is a methodology that can be used to help people to understand their thinking, feeling, language, behaviour and how to make changes in order to get different results in their life.

Why NLP rather than hypnosis?

Most of the interventions are in the waking state or utilising informal light trance and imagination. NLP can be an alternative to hypnosis for clients who prefer to work in this manner.

What is NLP useful for?

NLP is a great for creating behavioural change. It can be used to change your perception of the world so that you create new choices and opportunities in your life. By creating new empowering beliefs you can remove limitations from your life and achieve the results you've always wanted. NLP can also be used for a wide range of conditions such as anxiety, depression or phobias. It may be used in conjunction with hypnosis.