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Kim Moore-Cullen
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This is what my clients have to say....

"I suffer from a severe form of ME, and went to Kim to learn to hypnotise myself so as to help alleviate muscle pain, IBS and other digestive problems, and to go easily into a deep trance to give me periods of intense rest and muscle relaxation - even to half-sleep through dental treatment! The benefits in managing my illness have been incalculable, and I am enormously grateful to Kim for her help"
John D

"I have had an eating disorder for approximately 15 years and spent hundreds of pounds on different treatments, including two differents types of hypnotherapy trying to resolve this condition, but nothing I tried worked, until I tried CBH. The condition resolved after just a few sessions. It is now two months since my last episode which is over a month longer than I have ever experienced before. I feel confident that this condition has finally resolved and that if it does reoccur, I now have the necessary tools to resolve it relatively quickly. I can highly recommend CBH, it is the only treatment that has ever made any difference to my eating disorder and has been of enormous benefit to my life in general."

Pete's Story
"The year 2000 we all remember well, the start of a new century. For me it was a year to remember for different reasons. Firstly I was involved in a car accident and secondly I lost my mother through cancer. In the former I was not physically injured but due to the nature of the accident it left me emotionally scarred. I was offered medication by my GP but refused, determined to find another way out of the depression that had set in.
I had not though of complementary therapies until I was given an Indian Head massage as a gift. This was helpful and for about 18 months I received regular monthly treatments. After this time the therapist left and it was then that I met Kim. At my first meeting with her she discussed my case history and suggested Craniosacral Therapy. After only a few regular sessions I was noticing a difference in myself not only mentally but also I was feeling a physical healing side to this. I was feeling more confident and positive. With the depression now behind me my life was back on track and I was ready to move forward to such a degree that I have now become a Reiki healer so that I can help others myself.
I would recommend anyone to consider Craniosacral Therapy both for emotional and physical ailments, if you have any concerns you can always consult a qualified therapist such as Kim for advice."
Pete N
To contact Kim please call on 07767 808711 or send an email